10 sweet Valentine’s Day stories that prove that the fondest memories can’t be bought with money

10 sweet Valentine’s Day stories that prove that the fondest memories can’t be bought with money

The New Year and Valentine’s Day have a lot in common – they are both fictional holidays when we are expected to dress nicely, go out and spend a lot of money. Also, those two evenings in the year that we plan most often do not go as planned. In the end, we often forget that the only goal is to be with the people we love and show them how much they mean to us. These stories will remind you that it doesn’t matter how much you spend, but how much you try.

1. “When we were still in college and living in the dorm, my boyfriend went for champagne, and in addition he bought two glass champagne glasses and chocolates for me. I bought him cigars and chocolates. There was no roommate, so we put together two mattresses on the floor of the room, ate lasagna and sweet and drank champagne while watching “Walk to Remember.” Now, three years later, we’re still together, we still have a plug of that champagne and we use those glasses every Valentine’s Day. ”

2. “In the early twenties, we were constantly broke and not spending much. So we decided that Valentine’s Day would be a treat for us to live and spend our lives wastefully. . This wasteful actually means that instead of $ 200 – $ 250, we would pay 500 for dinner, because we would take more rounds of drinks and more extras. I still smile when I remember that time. ”

3. “My favorite Valentine’s Day was while my boyfriend was still living with his parents. He bought me roses and cooked dinner, and from the living room we brought chairs to his” play “table. He let Frank Sinatra and the rest of the evening spent so we looked at the first movie we watched together and played video games. ”

4. “My husband makes me the chocolate pancakes I love most every Valentine’s Day and serves them to bed so I don’t have to get up until noon. It’s my favorite day of the year!”

5. “I always like to remember this Valentine’s Day – we cooked a romantic dinner together and then went for a walk in the park where we were at our first date. So simple and yet so perfect.”


6. “My boyfriend left a teddy bear in front of a dorm room with a message that said, ‘I’ll pick you up for dinner at 6! Dress warm! “It turns out dinner is actually peanut butter sandwiches and a bottle of wine on a nearby hill overlooking the sunset. It’s probably the sweetest date I’ve ever been to.”

7. “The boyfriend I was in high school with called me at home to help him with homework. It was weird because he was fourth and I was third grade, but I left anyway. When I came to see him me the path of rose petals, which led me to him – surrounded by all my favorite things. He bought me plushies from Disney cartoons and scented candles. Even though we are no longer together, it’s still my favorite Valentine’s Day. ”

8. “I was on a business trip for Valentine’s Day. A few days later, when I got home, my boyfriend greeted me with a romantic dinner he had planned for Valentine’s Day. He even bought a cake with the words” Good luck to you almost Valentine’s Day. ” it was the sweetest thing for me to know how hard he was trying not to “fly” his plans over the phone. ”

9. “We were supposed to go for a romantic Valentine’s dinner, but we waited too long with reservations and when we started calling the restaurants the day before, everyone was busy. My boyfriend said I didn’t worry, he would arrange everything. The next day he came to my door with a bouquet of roses and bags full of groceries – because he decided we should go nowhere but he makes dinner. At first, I was skeptical because I never saw him cook, but in the end it turned out perfect. ”

10. “Valentine’s Day, which I will always remember is this: my boyfriend called me over (I worked all week and he knew I couldn’t go out) and when I came we went down to the basement where a surprise was waiting for me – a picnic indoors. He tidied everything up, and even went to all the restaurants we normally go to and bought my favorite out-of-everyone dish. We spent all day pampering and eating my favorite dishes.


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