15 Tips To Keep Your Home Easy

15 Tips To Keep Your Home Easy

Is your home a dust magnet? Is periodic cleaning and cleaning not good enough? If you want a carefree home, here are some tips to help you not reach for a rag as often.

Floors and walls
1. Not only must wooden floors be treated with wax on a regular basis, they must also be protected against pointed objects such as high heels. In cases where the room will have to meet these requirements, it is better to use laminate and vinyl. These surfaces can also be cleaned very easily with a wet cloth.

2. A wise investment is waterproof wall paint. Once your child starts creating their creative oeuvre on the walls, you will understand the full meaning of this investment.

3. As a rule, dust accumulates in the crevices and unevenness of stone floors. In that case, suction will not be enough. This is a problem you will also encounter with carpets. So avoid stone floors and carpets unless you have the time and patience.


4. Although they may look nice, crooked pattern grills can be a real temptation. Choose the simpler ones without many bumps that are easier to clean.

5. If you live next to a busy street, fabrics like velvet, deerskin and thin linen and silk fabrics are a bad idea. Rather try easy-to-maintain venetian blinds. If they are not “rich enough” for you, try lighter fabrics like organdin, satin or silk.

6. When it comes to windows, let your first choice be transparent glass. This way you keep dust away and enjoy the natural light.

The kitchen
7. For desktop, the first choice is always granite. Granite is non-porous and very stain resistant.

8. Avoid porcelain dishes for daily use, which are very likely to be damaged when washing in a dishwasher. For this purpose, use ceramic or stainless steel dishes.

9. Transparent plastic foil placed over the dining table will allow you more choice when decorating the dining table without fear of stains on the expensive tablecloth, and will be easier to clean.

10. Avoid carved furniture. Once the dust accumulates in more hidden places, it will be very difficult to get rid of it.

11. If you live on the seashore, avoid cast iron furniture as it will rust under the influence of increased humidity.

12. With younger children prone to accidents, a better solution is a sofa that can be removed from those fixed to furniture.


13. Set aside extra money for the wall cistern instead of the floor. Although it costs a little more, this way you can easily clean the floor around the toilet bowl.

14. Pay particular attention to the placement of tiles in the bathroom. If placed poorly, with gaps in the joints, dust and dirt will begin collecting quickly between the tiles.

15. Do not choose a wooden window frame in the bathroom as it will very quickly be exposed to moisture. Choose aluminum or PVC instead.


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