5 great life lessons to learn after a painful break

5 great life lessons to learn after a painful break

It may seem now that your former relationship has brought you nothing but sadness and disappointment, but it has actually provided you with a valuable life experience that will greatly benefit you in the future.

Here’s what you’ll learn after a tough break:

1. You are stronger than you think

While you were with him, you couldn’t imagine life without him. Maybe he convinced you. And maybe that was your imagination. And it was because of those thoughts that you didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning for the first few weeks after interruption. There was only one thought in your head: you will never be happy again. But little by little, day by day, your will to live is restored. With each passing day, you grow stronger, and when the period of grief has passed, you will realize that the most important relationship, which at no cost should not be neglected or broken, is the relationship you build with yourself.

2. You can’t change people

Especially the bastards! This time you had to learn that lesson the hard way, but now you are ready for the next encounter with this type of person. A man who does not initially treat you with respect and love will not give you a chance to approach you next time.

3. Don’t let them change you

With your ex, you have turned into an insecure, complex, and unloved girl, everything you have never been before. This is due to his comments on your appearance, his eternal complaining and his attempts to shape you “according to your mold.” To leave you in the end because, as he put it, “you didn’t have your self.” You had him, you just let him overtake you with his behavior. Now you know that your future partner should be solely someone next to whom you will feel sexy, happy and full of confidence because that is the only point of love. Someone who will motivate you to become even better and not different.

4. You do not need to ignore the characters

Instinct told you from the beginning that something was wrong in your relationship. Your friends used to tell you that it wasn’t you. Mom told you he wasn’t for you. And you have ignored all this because love is not only blind but deaf. But now that you’ve learned the lesson, you know that next time you need to listen carefully to both your instincts and your loved ones, because they all only wish you the best.

5. Don’t neglect your life for anybody

You have failed three important exams, you have stopped going to the gym regularly, you have neglected your girlfriends … And all of this in order to spend as much time with your boyfriend who, on the other hand, has given up nothing to adjust to you. After the interruption, you have barely regained your normal life and promised yourself that you will never neglect your friends, family, responsibilities and yourself in the end. Now you have learned an important lesson and know that in the right relationship you should not neglect anything, just arrange it nicely.

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