10 ways your life changes after moving in together

10 ways your life changes after moving in together

And that day came – you and your boyfriend finally moved into a shared apartment – soup! And, even though you were convinced that you knew just about each other’s habits, it wasn’t long before you realized that you really had no idea what was waiting for you.Don’t worry, no one is ever fully prepared for this. And, while cohabitation comes with a number of great benefits, such as living with someone who will be able to make you coffee every morning or be your own personal foot massage, cohabitation also comes with its downsides. Hey, you’re the one who agreed to move in with your boyfriend, and he’s just a boyfriend after all.We are making 13 life changes that come with moving in together.

1. When it comes to clogged hair drains, you have nowhere to hide. The days of mutual blame are over in your family home because you and the official female are responsible for large hair reels filled with regenerator. Also the only ones who will have to unplug them.

2. But every morning there are the remains of his beard in the sink. I think you realized that you both have to start worrying about a cleaner bathroom now that moms are gone.

3. You have 24-hour access to his closet. Finally! A real little paradise full of huge, warm and soft pieces that are always, but always, the right choice for you than anything in your closet. Or at least your go-to outfit for Sunday. Now you can definitely clean your wardrobe and get rid of the things you still keep indoors for.

4. You can’t hide anything from him anymore. Sincerely? This is liberating. Your cartridges and tampons are proudly displayed next to his toiletry bag, and he definitely knows you are wearing granny shorts because he has folded them back into your closet several times.

5. Your apartment is never completely clean. Never. There’s no way two adults can’t keep a clean apartment, can they? Wrong. Suddenly, your apartment from the Princess Palace turned into a place where a bomb exploded. Where did so many things come from ??

6. You have mastered the art of compromise. You understand that your ultra pink bathroom with tufted rugs and baby pink towels is not likely to be something to be thrilled about. So you agreed to find a new pattern that will appeal to both.

7. Heating suddenly becomes a terribly big problem. You freeze, and he sweats on the couch in a T-shirt. Your body temperatures are simply never the same, and it is your daily battle to decide whether to sleep with your window open or closed.

8. You have two sets of everything at once. OK, you will sell your Belieber mugs, and he will get rid of a yellow set of “LOL” towels with Homer Simpson. Deal.

9. One of the worst betrayals in the history of your relationship is the one where he watched an episode of your favorite series without you. And you did it once when he was gone for two days and you couldn’t wait to find out if Jon Snow survived or didn’t, but you re-watched the episode neatly, pretending to be watching it for the first time, otherwise the consequences were devastating.

10. You argue about everything more often than ever. Still, you wouldn’t change anything because he’s still the best roommate you’ve ever had.


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