How to always look neat, decent, refined and fresh …

How to always look neat, decent, refined and fresh …

Hide your eyes

You don’t want to give the impression of a tired person, so hide your eyes as best you can. The concealer and powder will do their thing.

Apply the powder properly

Make sure you apply the powder before you leave the house and go to work, do you see transitions on the parts where the powder stops, maybe you applied it unevenly or overdo it? Fix the situation while you can.

Hydrated skin

In order for your face to always look healthier and more beautiful, it is very important that you moisturize your face and neck skin every day with a cream that works for you. This will avoid the appearance of tiny scales that can spoil the c + complete impression.

Nowhere without mascara

Mascara will accentuate your eyes, and in addition, you will look more alert, so it is advisable to always use it.

Moderate lip makeup

Do not inadvertently show up with a screaming red lipstick or similar expressive shades that are absolutely unfit for work. Use a label, lipgloss or lipstick in natural and subtle shades that will only slightly emphasize your mouth.

Avoid blue eyeshadow

In fact, avoid any offensive colors of make-up. Use the gentle and natural ones, and leave the red, blue, green, purple, as well as smokey eyes for the evening out.

Tidy nails

Take regular care of your nails. Keep them neat, decent in length and nicely lined. Avoid at work too long artificial nails full of patterns, patterns and various decorations.

Careful with perfume

Although they are mostly adored, many people are distracted by intense scents and simply do not like perfumes. Use a perfume, but apply it in a decent amount and avoid the common bollworms, which are better known for their strong aura than for the scent itself.


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