Why do men fall in love faster (and more) than we do?

Why do men fall in love faster (and more) than we do?

1. He tells you that his exit would be much better if you were by his side

This does not mean that he longs for you just because you are at work all day, but that he wishes you were with him when something exciting happens.

2. You spend all day together in bed

Not every day (because it would mean you are in a terrible and dysfunctional relationship), but the first day you spend together in bed talking and making love is always a good sign that the relationship is going in the right direction.

3. He is great for you

That’s the key. Heis not everything, but good man means that there is a good connection between you.

4. You can spend the day together doing nothing

You don’t even have to talk. You can silently read your favorite books or rest in a park. Just being together is enough in itself.

5. You always try to make him laugh, sometimes just one word is enough

You may not be the most spirited in the world, but you can certainly make each other laugh.

6. Understand when in crisis

You have an understanding for him when he is stressed and when he is not all his own and you try to go through with him through all his problems.

7. You show interest in the things he loves (and he shows interest in what you love)

It is not necessary for you both to be interested in rafting and some sport in order to be soul mates. But you care about the things he loves first and foremost because he cares about it. Therefore, even if you are not a big fan of rafting, you will still try it because you know it will make him happy.

8. She is on good terms with your family and friends

Of course, he doesn’t have to be best friends with every person you know, but he’s always as desirable in your company as you are in his!

9. He also credits you with your promotion at work

He really feels that you are making him a better person because you are encouraging him to move forward. You give him support, but so he doesn’t feel like you’re putting pressure.

10. He loves to meet you and try new things

Tried Thai food and found out who Taylor Swift was and watched all the romantic movies!

11. He can’t get his hands off you

You two are still fooling around as if you had just become a couple a week ago.

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