Aloe vera: A healing air purifier that will take your time

Aloe vera: A healing air purifier that will take your time

You have certainly heard about the healing properties of aloe vera.

In addition to being medicinal, aloe vera is also a lovely home decorationAloe faith is easy to maintain Aloe Vera – 3 + 0Aloe Vera – 2
The popular herb has been used for thousands of years and is used in the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Its leaves, in fact, contain a gel-like substance that contains numerous useful compounds. Among other things, aloe vera contains powerful antioxidants, helps in faster healing of burns, reduction of dental plaque, healing of ulcers …

Aloe vera is also often used to treat constipation, slows skin aging, prevents wrinkles, lowers blood pressure …

In addition, aloe vera can be a beautiful and useful decoration in your home. It is an attractive, easy-to-maintain succulent that can become a favorite decoration in your home.

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Aloe vera is a plant of the genus Aloe. The stem is absent or very short and its leaves are green and fleshy. The leaf edge is serrated.

Before you buy this plant, keep in mind that it needs a location where it will come with bright light. Aloe vera loves a lot of light and can withstand even direct sunlight.

This plant grows best at temperatures between 12 and 27 degrees Celsius, so the room temperatures of most homes are ideal. Between May and September, you can bring the plant out, but return it in the evening if the nights are cold. The soil must be airy and sand should be mixed in it.

When it comes to watering, it should be slightly more frequent in the warmer months, and it is important that the soil is dry between the two waterings. Excess water can lead to root rot.

During the cooler months, it is enough to water the aloe vera once a month.

Aloe vera is one of the air purifier plants. It will increase oxygen levels in your home while effectively absorbing some harmful compounds.


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