Climbing the Stairs: How to Get the Most Benefits for Line and Health?

Climbing the Stairs: How to Get the Most Benefits for Line and Health?

Running, walking, biking … and climbing stairs is a great exercise to include in your routine.

Climbing the stairs, among other things, is great for muscle building in the legs and buttocks. This is one of the reasons why many people choose this activity as a regular part of exercise.

Some other advantages of stairs are:

1. Vertical movement

When walking or running, you generally move horizontally, however, when climbing stairs your muscles are forced to resist gravity and move vertically. When you move your body, you place high demands on your lower body.

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2. Intensity

Both running and walking burn calories and have aerobic benefits, however, when you climb the stairs all those benefits are greatly increased. The caloric and aerobic benefits of climbing are determined, of course, by the intensity of the activity.

If you move slowly, then the benefits are only slightly greater than running and walking, but if you put in a little more effort and energy and move faster, the benefits are greatly increased.

This way, the stairs will help you build muscle, burn fat and calories, reduce cholesterol levels, increase energy and endurance … The big plus of this activity is the fact that you can practice it at any time of the day and you do not need any special equipment.

And how much climbing up the stairs is enough for a good workout?

Assuming they have no health issues, climbing stairs can be effective exercise for many people. If you take the time to climb the stairs two to four times a week, it will be one of the healthiest and most rewarding things you have done for yourself.

A person weighing 54 pounds burns about 235 calories during a 30 minute climb.

Of course, there are many factors that can influence how much a person consumes calories – among them are a person’s weight, duration of training and weight of climb.

To maximize the impact, there are several things to keep in mind:

– Make sure your posture is correct
– start slowly
– Attach shoes to activities
– control breathing.

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Is it more useful to climb a step or two at a time?

Stepping two steps each time will be a more strenuous workout for your butt and leg muscles and you will burn more calories.

However, a longer step can be risky if you have problems with balance or knees, but also if your legs are shorter. This increases the chance of injury.

What are the disadvantages?

Although climbing stairs is a great cardio exercise, it is not appropriate for everyone. Among those who should avoid this exercise are people who have problems with bones, knees and overweight. In any case, if you have any health problems consult your doctor.

How to get started?

Experts recommend moving slowly. Start with 10-minute workouts three times a week, and increase your time over time.

As you begin this exercise, pay attention to any pain you may feel in your knees, back, hips or ankles.

Over time, your workouts will take 30 minutes each to get the most out of this exercise. Experts recommend that your training never last more than an hour.


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