Don’t neglect it: The balcony and winter can be a wonderful oasis for drinking coffee

Don’t neglect it: The balcony and winter can be a wonderful oasis for drinking coffee

You spend all spring and summer and much of the fall on the balcony and soaking up the rays of the sun or trying to catch at least some fresh air, but as soon as the colder days come, forget that part of your apartment or house even exists?

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This is definitely a habit that you need to change as the balcony in the winter months can also be an ideal place to sip on your morning coffee, soak up the precious rays of the sun, and rest after a busy day at work.

With a few tips on how to tidy it up, your balcony can get the role it deserves in the colder months. Here are some ideas on how to dress it in the best winter attire.

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Shorter days call for early lighting, and instead of decorating your home with lights during the holidays, decorate your balcony with them. For example, place them next to the fence. In addition to making your balcony look beautiful, the lights will provide you with a romantic atmosphere when you decide to enjoy the fresh air while tucked in under the blanket.

In general, lighting is very important during wintertime and makes the space, among other things, warmer and more comfortable. If you are not a fan of lamps all year long, lanterns are another option.


Winter also means low temperatures, so getting out to the balcony is not as easy as in the warmer months. To avoid freezing, get warm blankets to use for your stay on the balcony.


Aside from looking good on your balcony furniture, decorative pillows will also help keep you warmer.


Although most plants do not tolerate the best winter temperatures, there are some that can withstand all conditions. If your balcony is not a plant-free balcony, get minus-resistant specimens.

For the balcony, find plants that can withstand winter
For the balcony, find plants that can withstand winter
(Photo: Living4media)

The biggest problem with staying on the balcony during the winter months is the already mentioned cold. Another detail that can alleviate this problem is the warm carpet that will make your stay on the balcony even more comfortable.


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