Magical Amaryllis: A flower that can bloom 75 times anew

Magical Amaryllis: A flower that can bloom 75 times anew

Large sumptuous flowers of amaryllis or, as it is called, striped sunburst or knights stars brighten the space even in winter. Although many have not met him yet, those who have seen him at least once want to enrich their living space with his beauty.

A beautiful sight of a blossomed balcony or jar on a window full of bulbous flowers – hyacinths, tulips and daffodils, is a rhapsody of color and aroma that leaves no one indifferent.

In the sea of ​​spring, one flower that will surely attract your attention and that you will want in your home or garden is amaryllis. The very name of the flower tells us how special it is. Specifically, this bulbous plant originates in the tropical America and is planted from early November to February, and blooms in May and June, so if you think you are too late to plant it, you are not there yet.

Amarilis has narrow long leaves and an upright solid stem that carries conspicuous, lavish and large trumpet-shaped flowers. The flowers of this attractive plant can be found in purple, orange, red, white and two-tone colors, and so many varieties make this plant extremely attractive.

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By crossing the varieties in our market we can find different variations in size and shape, so mini and high forms, double or simple flowers are known.

Some of the curiosities of the flower are that the bulb itself can last up to 75 years, and some species have a flower diameter of up to six inches.

If you are preparing to say fateful “yes”, consider the amaryllis as it would surely fit perfectly into a romantic bouquet or as a smoky floral decoration on the table.


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