6 Steps To Get Back On Your Feet After Surviving A Toxic Relationship

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It’s not like it’s been the easiest thing in the world to leave your toxic relationship but now you have to dedicate all your time and energy to healing and getting back on your feet. You’ve been broken and damaged, you’ve been turned into a punching bag for his words and one does not easily heal from all of that. It takes months or years to say that you are finally able to stand on your own two feet and begin a new life.

The thing is that a toxic relationship can leave marks on your heart forever but if you really want to recover, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you bounce back more easily.

1. Create a support group
Find people who have a positive mindset, people who want you to get better. If you keep on surrounding yourself with toxic people who only keep on draining your energy, you’ll end up worse than ever. You need a support group made up of people who want to help you and want to show you the brighter side of life. These people are your family, your closest friends and your therapist. Whenever you’re feeling down, don’t just sit around waiting for your thoughts to become quieter but rather call one of these people and let them know that you need their support.

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