How To Make A Guy Chase You Using Male Psychology? 18 Ways To Success

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You would probably agree with me that modern dating is already pretty hard nowadays. I mean there are so many girls that I know telling me that they are desperate because they simply can’t make a guy chase them. Whatever they do, he always finds someone new and they can’t make a stable and healthy relationship. And most of those girls get their hearts broken and they convince themselves that it was their fault and that they will never be loved again. Some of them go through toxic relationships and they come out of them as losers.

They lose their mental and physical health, and they spend a lot of time recovering. And if they ever meet someone new, they have trauma from their past and they think that they will go through the same hell again. The catch is that girls like that are too good and they have their hearts on their sleeves all the time. With a girl like that, you always know what she thinks and what her next step will be. A girl like that doesn’t know how to make a guy chase her using different tricks and methods.

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