I Think You Should Always Know When It’s Time To Walk Away

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You should walk away and you know it. You keep on finding excuses for his behavior and you keep on doubting your own emotions because you don’t know how to respond to what he says and does. You keep on telling yourself that you’re confused, that he loves you, but let’s be real—you always know when it’s the right time to walk away. Or at least you should.

The moment when he stops treating you with respect. When he starts showing signs that he doesn’t respect your boundaries and he asks you to do things that you told him were out of your comfort zone. When he forces you to do whatever it is that you feel uncomfortable with, even though you’ve told him millions of times how those things make you feel.

You should leave when he starts to take you for granted. When he stops appreciating the things you do for him and he stops doing anything in return. He does all of this because he takes you for granted and he isn’t able to see that he’s going to lose you if he continues with this. Make sure that he’s aware of the fact that he’s losing you and if he continues to take you for granted, leave. He’s not worthy of you.

You know that it’s time to leave when you feel it in your gut. No matter how many times you try to push the thought away and out of your head, it keeps on returning to you. It’s like poison that slowly takes over your whole body. You keep on trying to push the thoughts and the feelings you’ve had about leaving him out of your head and your heart but you can’t. Everything is telling you to leave him and to continue your life without him, no matter how hard it might be.

I think you should always know when it’s time to let go. Like that little itch in your arms telling you to put them down and to stop fighting because there is no good outcome. This is the moment when you should just put your arms down and continue your life without that person because it’s not you anymore, no, it’s their fault for not being able to fight alongside you.

Walk away when you can’t find anything else to hold on to except the love you feel. You have heard it a million times and I’m going to repeat it once more—sometimes love simply isn’t enough. You can’t love someone and give everything you have to please them if they don’t love you and if they don’t give the same things in return. Walk away because you can’t fight for a heart that was never yours.

Walk away even though it’s hard. You will cry and you will forever think about what might have happened if you had stayed. But it’s important you realize that those things do not matter anymore, because you aren’t happy. You will most probably be miserable and you will try to find a reason to go back and in this state of mind you might even find one, but don’t. You have to make the right decision for yourself and leave.

Walk away when you start questioning your reasons. When you start doubting yourself you’ll know that something isn’t right. You doubt your reasons for staying by his side and you start doubting the love he feels for you. Doubt crawls deep into our skin and it itches us all the time, to the point where doubt turns into anger and then into fights. Leave while you still have the will to do so without raising your voice.

I think you always know when it’s the right time to walk away, you just have to give yourself permission to do so. You have to make a decision for yourself and do something for yourself for the first time in a long while. No one has the right to blame you for anything, no one has the right to ask you why you left. It’s all your decision and you have to make it right now, because time is running out.

It’s time for you to walk away when you realize that staying by his side will only make it worse. Your heart will ache more, you will continue to have those toxic thoughts and he won’t do anything to fix his behavior. He won’t do anything to make you happy. He will continue being the same asshole he already is.

Why do you choose to stay by his side? Because it’s familiar? Because you think you might change him? Do you even have a reason?

I think it’s time for you to walk away.